Below are some testimonials from some of our Mi-Ki customers. 

 See what they have to say about their new Mi-ki puppies!  


long coat mi-ki puppy

So happy with this little bundles of cuddles and love......thanks again!

Nick & Noel

2 long coat Mi-Ki puppies

Thank you for such well adjusted, precious babies!


long coat Mi-Ki puppy waving

We are doing great!


white long coat mi-ki puppy

Hi there - Chanel is doing so well in our home.  We love her so much!


tri-colored Mi-Ki puppy

I am very happy with her.  She is thriving and is extremely bright.  She is  a wonderful addition to our family.


long coat mi-ki puppy

I wish you could see him and what a sweetie he is.  He has so much personality in that little body.  He is so loving, sweet and smart.


apricot, long coat mi-ki puppy

Alex is full of energy and cute as a button, pletnty of smarts and has a good heart.


smooth faceb puppy

He is so incredibly adorable and loves this family so much. I can’t go anywhere that he’s not right beside me.  Anyway, I wanted to let you know how happy we are that we got him from you.  I am so fortunate to have a breader Who is so helpful and provide so much information. 


long coat mi-ki puppy

 Sam is doing great !  Love him to death!


black mask, smooth coat mi-ki puppy

From Daughter:  Haven't talked to you for a while, but Teddie is so amazing. He's helped my mom immensely and she's so in love with him as he is with her. Best decision/ blessing in our lives thus far!  

 From Mom:  We received our little guy last Dec 2017 - His name was Deuce, but is now Theodore E. Bear (Teddie):)  He's the smartest dog we've ever had and was very easy to train in every way.  Can't say enough about how much me and my family love him.  He obviously came from healthy parents and was reared well by his human parents as well.  


long coat mi-ki puppy

Willow is doing great!

She is not afraid to explore, is handling being at the shop great, she goes outside to go potty and is doing well with it she has only had 1 accident,  Remi has been a little jealous, the first couple of days. They play when we get home, but is still a little mad at me for getting him a little sister. everyday gets better with him. my daughters and families just think she is the sweetest thing. we love having her in our family. thank you so much.


mi-ki puppy

Sage is Ah-mazing!!! He is more wonderful than I could have hoped. His personality is beyond words. Frankly, it's hard to have a bad day when you look at his sweet and silly face. 


Male Mi-Ki puppy

 We feel so lucky to have him. Everybody that meets Yankee (Manny) is overwhelmed, impressed, and asks where I got him. He loves everyone and everything. A true blessing and joy that has enriched our lives. 


Mi-Ki puppy wearing pink

 I researched many breeders before deciding on Dakota Mi-Kis. I’m so happy I did. My pup was not only beautiful but was well socialized and just the sweetest thing ever. Pam was great to work with, patiently answered my million questions. 

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