What is a Mi-Ki?


Mi-Kis are the perfect little companion dog!

Mi-Kis are a beautiful, rare, purebred toy dog.  Mi-Kis are happy little dogs who have basically one job in life and that is to be with their "people".  They absolutely LOVE their people!  If you are looking for a companion dog or a lap dog - look no further!

Mi-Kis are happy, gentle, well-behaved little dogs who are generally very calm and quiet.  They are very smart and easily trained.  They love to travel and make great travel companions.  Many Mi-Kis are used as therapy dogs.  Mi-Kis make great family dogs.

Mi-Kis are small, generally weighing between 4 and 8 lbs as adults.  They come in two varieties, the long coat and the smooth face.  Mi-Kis are considered hypoallergenic.  Mi-Kis can have down, winged, or up ears.  Mi-Kis often change colors, which is so much fun!

Please check out our Mi-Ki Breed Standard Page and our Mi-Ki Breed History Page for more detailed information.  


Smooth Face Mi-Ki


Long Coat Mi-Ki

Mi-Ki 101 Video from Animal Planet

Check out this great video, which explains exactly what a Mi-Ki is.

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